This part of my blog is me telling you what movies you should watch, games to play, books to read… All of these are things people have suggested. So if you have have a suggestion post a comment and I might put it on this page. Any junk and the comment will be spammed.

My First suggestion has been given to me and it is …

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 ! Even if your not a Harry Potter fan , don’t worry when you watch one movie you will want to watch all of them . If you are a Harry Potter fan and seeing the last Harry Potter movie, LUCKY YOU!

I have another suggestion which is…

Moshi Monsters! Sign up if you are into stuff like that.


My next suggestion is a book which is…

The Diary Of A Wimpy Kid! You’ll fly through them as that’s how addicting they are. I have to admit  I only started reading them at the start of may but I read  all of them in one day!

This is a Tv series…

Good Luck Charlie and… Icarly

Words can’t explain how good these Tv progammes are so… Just watch it!!!


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